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Our Mission is to hold a safe space for each & every being to heal, grow, connect, learn, feel heard, seen, supported & loved.


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Our Logo has a beautiful story, chalked full of meaning and sweetness.

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hali love

Our Founder:
Hali Love

 A woman on a mission to inspire healing; following her dharma as a: Mom, Wife, Yogaprenuer, ERYT500+, Yoga Therapist, Eastern Medicine Modality Practitioner, and Life Lover who is here to serve you.  


Hali guides not only from her post-secondary education in health and wellness, but from her experiences.  She has worked through abandonment issues, endured abuse, has navigated through a divorce that lead her to restart her life, and has cured herself from a long history of life restricting asthma.  She has healed, continues to heal, and she is here to support you throughout your healing journey.  READ MORE

The Heal-Co Logo


The phases of the moon offer an accessible way to connect with nature and her rhythms. Creating a moon practice can help to guide you through the ever-changing cycles that exist within and around us. The full moon and new moon are common starting points, but the crescent moon brings a spiritual meaning that amplifies the powers at play.


The crescent moon is an iconic sight in the night sky. The waning crescent and waxing crescent phases offer two distinct paths to deepen your moon practice. Occurring either before or after the new moon, both aspects of the crescent moon invite a unique spiritual meaning.


At a core level, the new moon brings an energy for setting intentions, initiating action, and connecting powerfully with our wildest dreams. The crescent moon that occurs before and after the new moon represents what needs to happen on either side of committing to these intentions and your deepest purpose.

Waxing Crescent Moon Spiritual Meaning.


The new moon is often considered the beginning of the lunar cycle. If you apply the metaphor of the breath to the cycles of the moon, the new moon is that pause you take just before you inhale. The new moon is an especially potent time to ground into the truth of what you want to create in your life. If you want to live with a sense of abundance, plant those seeds with the new moon. If you want to feel more ease and freedom in your body, create those images and sensations in your mind and body when the moon is dark. 

waxing crescent moon


Flowers and meanings have been the subject of conversation for as long as humankind has taken the time to behold the beauty enfolded in each petal.  Symbolism is endless in flowers and meanings range from protection, to love, to warnings, to wealth. Granted, certain types of flowers, are rife with symbolic meaning. However, the flower itself unfolds worlds of deeper meaning.  From stem, petal, leaves, color, stamen and pistol, there is so much to consider in the deeper realms of flower meanings. Take the time to contemplate the various nuances of “flower-power” in a symbolic perspective. You’ll be delighted at every turn. As flowers are the actual reproductive systems of plants, most generally flower meanings deal with rebirth. But there are a lot more symbolic highlights to flowers and meanings, such as:


  • Hope

  • Love

  • Life

  • Birth

  • Unity

  • Growth

  • Vitality

  • Elegance

  • Devotion

  • Inspiration

  • Connection 


  • Coachable

  • Costa Rica

  • Cognitive

  • Coherent

  • Cohesive

  • Collaborative

  • Collegial

  • Colloquial

  • Colorful

  • Comfortable

  • Comforted

  • Comforting

  • Comical

  • Commanding

  • Commemorative

  • Commendable

  • Committed 

the "co"

  • Communicative

  • Compassionate

  • Compelling

  • Competent

  • Complete

  • Completed

  • Complex

  • Complimentary

  • Comprehensive

  • Conceivable

  • Concerted

  • Concise

  • Confident

  • Confidential

  • Confirmable

  • Congenial 

  • Congruent

  • Connected

  • Conscientious

  • Conscious

  • Consensual

  • Conservative

  • Considerate

  • Consistent

  • Consoling

  • Constant

  • Constructive

  • Contemplative

  • Contemporary

  • Content

  • Contributive

  • Conventional 

  • Conversational

  • Cool

  • Cooperative

  • Coordinated

  • Copious

  • Coquettish

  • Cordial

  • Correct

  • Correctable

  • Corresponding

  • Cosmic

  • Courageous

  • Courteous

  • Coveted

  • Cozy 

A circle represents evolution as a process of transformation from death to birth, ending, and beginning, as a circle has no beginning and no end. In this sense, a circle represents eternity. In many customs and spiritual beliefs, a circle represents the Divine life-force or Spirit that keeps our reality in motion. It is symbolic of vitality, wholeness, completion, and perfection.  ​


the circle


the full moon

The full moon illuminates a time of heightened emotions and potent creativity.  The full moon offers an opportunity to sit in the fullness of your life. It is a time to feel deep gratitude for the many blessings you have and experience. It is also a powerful time to recommit yourself to the projects and relationships that mean the most to you. Let the light of the full moon illuminate what is working for you and amplify those areas by being intentional about the ways you will move forward in your life. The practice of gratitude is both simple and profound, and the energy of a full moon can create a heightened experience of bliss as you bask in all of the goodness that surrounds you.


There is a profound and spiritual connection between the full moon, the tides, and our emotions. The full moon is often experienced as a time of deep emotional intensity. Just as the full moon pulls on the tides and creates more dramatic tidal changes between highs and lows, some people experience the same in their emotional lives. Bringing awareness to the lunar cycle and preparing yourself through meditation and scheduling (perhaps the full moon is not the best time to have that big and possibly contentious talk with your partner) can go a long way in avoiding the emotional roller coaster that some people experience with this phase. Offer yourself a healthy dose of compassion and some extra self-care during this time of the lunar cycle. 

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