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We offer Internationally Registered Yoga Teacher Trainings in wellness based yoga.  A yoga modality designed to create connection & healing in the styles of gentle, hatha, vinyasa, restorative yoga, power yoga, yin, yoga nidra, meditation and breath work.

During each program you will spend a portion of your training connecting with your group of women to work on personal healing and development.

Every program contains lifetime access.

Our Yoga


Wellness Based Yoga is a unique blend of yoga philosophy, personal growth and healing tools from both Western and Eastern Psychology, Ayurveda and The Five Element Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine, offered in the multi styles of yoga: gentle, hatha, restorative, yin, meditation, nidra and vinyasa.

Hali Love, ERYT 500+, Yoga Therapist, Coach​ 

Our trainings are offered by Lead Trainer, Registered with the International Yoga Alliance Hali Love.  Love created a virtual paperless learning portal for her yoga teacher trainings called Virtual Prana (which all students receive lifetime access to).  For Hali Love, Yoga is a lifestyle.  Her purpose is to generously share the tools that she has learned throughout her own journey, life experiences, education and practice of both yoga and personal development.  She has been a student of yoga since 1995, and has over 40,000 hours of logged facilitation and 30,000 hours of training with The International Yoga Alliance.  Hali begin to study Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2007, and is a continuing student of both modalities, as well is a continuing student of yoga.  As a yoga instructor, subconscious restructuring counsellor, and Ayurveda Consultant  she combines her love for both yoga, eastern medicine modalities and personal development in all of her trainings.  

The first foundational tool you will be introduced to is Love's curated personal development tool called "The 7 Bodies Method" which was created to enhance the understanding and practices of the"mind, body spirit" connection.


The styles of yoga included in Wellness Base Yoga are: gentle yoga, hatha, restorative and vinyasa yoga.  You will also learn many styles of breath work (pranayama) and a variety of meditations.  Wellness Based Yoga is Love's signature blend of Yoga Philosophy, combined with Ayurveda and The 5 Element Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine.  During your training you will also learn how to provide your clients with yoga based Ayurvedic and 5 Element Balancing Consultations.


The Seven Bodies


1) Physical - our physical body, 

2) Mental - our thinking mind, 

3) Emotional - all of the 6 human emotions,

4) Energetic - our vibe,

5) Intellectual - our new knowledge, learning's and insights; and

6) Spiritual - this is self defined.

7) Soul - our dharma

All trainings combine the physical asana practice, yoga philosophy and mythology, western psychology and eastern healing modalities: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda .   All Yoga Education programs are anchored in philosophies from the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and the teachings of Krishnamacharya: The teacher of the well-known teachers B.K.S. Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois.  Hali has been a regular student of Yoga Philosophy, studying with her teachers from India and Tibet since she was 17 years old, and is currently studying with Dr. Arjun, a doctor of Sanskrit Science from India. 

Your 200 and 500 hour trainings begin with Personal Development because we believe it is important to continue to do the work.  The work starts with you.  The teaching are understood through our own work and experiences.   We begin with a process of "unbecoming" where we learn about our limiting patterns and core values, which creates a powerful foundation for lasting healing, continued growth and ultimately shining your light into the world as not only a successful yoga teacher, but also as an inspirational human being.  You will feel empowered and supported as you are guided through this journey together. 

How it works


Hali's goal is to provide a well-rounded easeful experience in your yoga teacher training.  The virtual learning platform provides a space for students to dive into their yoga teacher training program, which enables each student to put the time in to their study, absorption, personal development process and to really experience and learn the plethora of  tools and practices presented.  For each program, you will be required to complete a minimum number of classes, observation forms, personal practice forms and zoom meetings (or recording viewing), as set our per the schedule for each program.  However, as past students can attest, there is flexibility.  If for whatever reason you need to miss a session, it will be recorded for you, and posted on our group forum.  These trainings are unique as they provide a space for you to attend Hali Love's studio or the beautiful mountaintop boutique hotel: Los Altos de Eros anytime throughout the training schedule to enjoy the beautiful and healing energy of Costa Rica!

You are supported

During your training, you receive the highest quality of support.  If you have any questions, you are free to contact me on my personal contact information provided to the training group.  My goal is to effectively share the tools I have to empower you to live your most powerful life and be an inspirational yoga teacher.

What's included​


  • Life time access to the Online Program Modules, including PDF's, podcasts, meditations and pre-recorded video content.

  • Access to all scheduled zoom interactive classes (available for 6 months from the end of your training to respect privacy).

  • Your Certificate of Completion, which can be registered with The International Yoga Alliance.

  • All practical hours are that are required by the International Yoga Alliance

  • Access to downloadable meditations, wellness based and chanting sessions with Hali Love.​

Financing & Scholarships are available


Financing is available for each program for fully paid tuition; financing is not available for any promotions or scholarships, unless otherwise approved in writing.​​


For more information, please click here.  Note: You will be guided to the Virtual Prana website.

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