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Upcoming Events

February 4 - June 17, 2023 
200 Hour Wellness Based Yoga Teacher Training
Virtual & In Costa Rica

Wellness Based Yoga is learning how to infuse your asana classes with the complimentary methodology of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  During this training you will learn all of the required modules as set out by the International Yoga Alliance that are necessary to complete your your certification requirements + more!  The asana styles you will learn how to teach is in the styles of hatha, gentle yoga and vinyasa yoga.  The schedule is flexible, offering a combination of live virtual classes on select Saturdays, with pre-recorded presentations and live workshops.  Get lifetime access to your program material.

Choose to come to Costa Rica anytime! Hali has partnered with Boutique Hotel & Spa Los Altos De Eros to offer Teacher Training & Spa packages!  >> more info


Financing, scholarships and full tuition payment discounts are available.


February 11 - May 21, 2023

Personal Development Training 

Join Hali Love for your virtual, self-study OR in Costa Rica OR Virtual Personal Development Program.

Graduates have the option to continue to proceed with their Coaching Certification Program.

There is a special add on package for yoga teachers.

During this program you will learn: 

  • Hali Love's Signature Personal Development Tools: The 7 Bodies Method, The Human EGO System & The 6 Areas of Life

  • Pattern detection & redirection

  • Effective communication skills

  • The importance of movement and how it works with our nervous system

  • Shaking (TRE) methods

  • Tapping (EFT)

  • Emotional healing & responsible expression tools

  • Ancestral healing methods

  • Themed healing mindful meditations

  • Energy release methods

  • Responsible emotional expression methods

  • Rewiring neural pathways techniques

  • The importance of creating healthy boundaries

  • The Human Brain and Nervous System Anatomy, including techniques to nurture the vagus nerve 


March 22 - 29, 2023
Women's Empowerment Retreat​​

Join Hali Love & Karen Lynn for a beautiful, connecting & empowering beach front retreat for women.  We will connect to the creative power of the divine feminine energy.  We will release what is no longer in alignment and forgive anything that is holding us back.


During this retreat, you will participate in rituals, workshops and classes that will:

  • Bring healing to any of life’s situations that you are dealing with.

  • Bring balance to your emotional body.

  • Release to any ancestral traumas and energetic holds that you may be carrying.

  • Bring awareness to your strengths, and shed light on your limiting patterns.

  • Connect to an amazing like-minded community. 

  • Have fun! Reset! Celebrate! And renew for a beautiful new year.

Your retreat includes:

  • Single, Double or Triple Accommodations for 7 nights in a beach side bungalow located steps away from the famous surf beach of Playa Negra

  • Your pre-retreat package and Ayurvedic Consultation call with Ayurveda Consultant Hali Love, which you will discover Ayurveda infused healing tips

  • A luxury spa day at 5 star spa Los Altos De Eros, get 3 90 minute delicious spa treatments of your choice, a yummy lunch and glass of wine

  • Your Empowerment Folder, that contains tips to take home with you to continue your empowerment journey

  • Ayurvedic healing tips presented at each meal

  • A beach side breakfast & dinner from March 23-27

  • 2 (optional) daily beach yoga & meditation classes (10 total)

  • Optional daily yoga nidra session (5 total)

  • A one-on-one "soul-session": with Karen Lynn: Reiki, card reading, energy work, chakra balancing

  • A one-on-one personal development session with Hali Love

  • A SUP Yoga & Meditation Class with Krysta Depp (no experience necessary!)

  • Two mantra circles one to remove obstacles, and one to evoke blessing of health and abundance

  • A beach fire ritual to release what no longer serves us

  • A private shopping a wine experience

  • 24-hour access to the beautiful ocean view pool 

  • Free time to explore the quaint surf village of Playa Negra


Triple Accommodations $1345 USD

Double Accommodations $1520 USD

Single Accommodations $2045 USD


Transportation is not included.

Ground transportation will be arranged at the lowest cost.

Please contact Karen for flight details.

For questions or registeration - Contact Hali


A private beach photoshoot with Rachel Kershaw $350

Private Personal Development Session, with Hali Love $150

Private "Soul Session", with Karen Lynn $150

Saraswati Ascended Masters Reading with Shauna Ireland $150

Additional relaxation, reiki, deep tissue or thai yoga massage $80

April 15 - 16, 2023 
10 Hour Wellness Based Meditation Facilitator Training
Virtual & In Costa Rica

Meditation brings a plethora of scientifically proven benefits to the practitioners life and health.  This program will teach you simple meditation techniques that you can use to enhance your life and spread the many benefits to others. There are a vast variety of meditation techniques that will deepen any defined spiritual connection or faith; rather than interfere with conflicting philosophies.   This training is anchored in The 7 Bodies Method, a curated healing modality created by Hali Love. You will also learn the Koshas, an ancient yoga philoslophy - and learn how to infuse your meditations to enhance a modern day understnding of these teachings. During this training you will learn over 25 meditation scripts, including both a general Yoga Nidra Script.  All meditations are available through a downloadble PDF as well as in an audio recording. 


May 8 - 12, 2023 
30 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training
Virtual & In Costa Rica

You can expect to leave your Yin and Yang Yoga Teacher Training Program with the necessary tools to teach empowering, heartfelt, yin and yang style asana classes to your students of all ages, shapes, sizes and level of experience.  This training is anchored in the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine's 5 Element Theory.


During this 30-hour program you will learn:


  • Yin and Yang History: The Meridians (energy lines from Traditional Chinese Medicine) & The Human Organ system

  • Yin Yoga Anatomy, History & Safety 

  • What is Yin Yoga: The 4 Tattvas of Yin Yoga, Yin Yoga Postures 

  • How to apply the Eight Limbs of Yoga to Yin Yoga

  • Our signature Powerful Teaching Techniques, anchored in western psychology 

  • The 6 Human Emotions and how they relate to the physical body

  • The 5 Element Theory, including mudras, pranayama and meditations for each element

  • How to effectively implement the 5 Elements into your asana classes 

  • Yin Yoga Sequencing & Themes

  • Our powerful teaching techniques and feedback system anchored in western psychology 


June 2 - 9, 2023​
50 Hour Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training
Virtual & In Costa Rica


During this 50 Hour Program you will:


  • Learn Ayurvedic theory & philosophy 

  • Study your own Ayurvedic constitution

  • Learn how to provide our signature Ayurveda Yoga Balancing Consultation, an additional service you can offer to your students/clients

  • Create case studies for 3 test clients  

  • Learn how to teach powerful asana classes and meditations for each Ayurvedic body type

  • Learn how to navigate through the emotional body using Ayurvedic theory, and how to integrate this knowledge into your classes, workshops & retreats

  • Leave this program with additional teaching tools that will enhance your own personal practice and your teaching career 


September 1 - 30, 2023​
108 Hour Rejuvenate With Yoga Immersion
In Costa Rica

This program is for those who are serious about launching or enhancing their professional yoga career and self discovery. You will study gentle, hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative yoga and yoga nidra. You will study over 200 asanas, teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology, and both the philosophy and psychology of yoga.  You will receive the opportunity to have a one-on-one call to plan or enhance your yoga business, and take a deep dive into your personal development to connect to a more powerful life than you can ever imagine! You will also learn how to service your clients with Ayurveda Yoga Balancing Plans!


September 9 - December 17, 2023
500 Hour Professional Wellness Based Yoga Teacher Certification
Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle, Restorative, Yin, Yoga Nidra & More

Join us virtually with the option to travel to Costa Rica anytime for your 500 Hour Professional Wellness Based Yoga Teacher Training, where you will learn how to effectively teach vinyasa, hatha, gentle, restorative and yin yoga classes with the fusion of Ayurvedic Philosophy & The 5 Elements Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Our schedule is flexible, offering a combination of live virtual classes on select Saturdays, with pre-recorded presentations and live workshops.  Get lifetimes access to your program material, and join us in Costa Rica anytime!


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